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New Consulting Business Opens Its Doors
Marlborough resident offers much needed services

A new marketing, event management and public relations business has opened its doors in Marlborough this month.  Resident Chi LaBossiere has experience running marketing departments, advertising projects, large and small scale events and communications programs.

“I’m offering my services to businesses, associations and organizations that want to grow,” says Chi LaBossiere. “Companies that integrate their messages through their marketing, advertising and event efforts are more successful then others that don’t.  I help organizations to present a cohesive message that helps them to achieve their goals.”

Chi plans on developing a partner relationship with clients, helping them with specific projects as well as long-term goals. Projects that some clients need are press releases, new web sites, brochures, business cards, seminars and events.

“I treat any event as a marketing communication opportunity. Any time a member of your organization makes contact with the public they have the ability to make an impact on your image and ultimately your sales. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you are still selling all the time,” Chi says. “I take care of all the little details of event planning for you, integrate your message within the details, and help you to have a spectacular event.”

For more information on Chi Consulting go to or call 1-860-295-0433. 

Chi Consulting is dedicated to providing high quality event management, marketing and public relations services, promoting growth, creating positive change and life enriching experiences for the client, attendees, and all who participate.