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Colchester Family Medicine Kicks-off Second Annual Summer Food Drive At 28th Annual Tag Sale on the Green

For the second year in a row Colchester Family Medicine, located at 123 Broadway in Colchester, kicks-off its summer food drive to benefit the Colchester Food Bank at the CBA’s Tag Sale on the Green. Anyone interested in donating to the food drive is invited to drop off non-perishable items to the Colchester Family Medicine booth, number 64, on Sunday June 14th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Colchester Town Green. Colchester Family Medicine will offer free blood pressure and blood sugar checks at their booth during tag sale hours. Visitors will receive either a free water bottle or calculator (one per family) and a free pen.

Currently there are 230 families in Colchester that directly benefit from the food bank. That is a 15% increase from last year, and according to Janet Taylor, Social Services Coordinator of the Colchester Food Bank, there are more contacting her all the time. Families that accept help from the food bank rely on donated items to supplement their daily needs. In the summer there is a high need for food bank support. The children that would normally be in school eating from lunch programs are home. The food bank shelves are typically less full during the summer months even before the children get out of school, because most donations are given in the fall and around the holidays.

“It is very important to have area businesses like Colchester Family Medicine support us,” said Taylor. “Thank you to Dr. Ayeni for continuing his food drive. His support is very much appreciated. He started a new business in town and immediately took to helping this cause.”

Dr. Olawale Ayeni, is a family medicine physician. He is the owner of Colchester Family Medicine. Dr. Ayeni began the annual summer drive because he believes that health and wellness starts at home with the food that is eaten and the manner that people take care of themselves. Practicing family medicine for over 13 years, he focuses on providing high quality, detailed and preventative health care in a careful and respectful manner. He opened Colchester Family Medicine over a year and a half ago and cares for patients of all ages, often families, which reside within a 25 mile radius of Colchester. Many patients find that Dr. Ayeni schedules appointments so that he is able to spend an ample amount of time with them, getting to know their needs and working with them to figure out how they can be as healthy as possible.

Last year Colchester Family Medicine and Dr. Ayeni’s food drive accumulated enough food for 4 large drop-offs over 3 months, and $600.00 in checks. Dr. Ayeni personally donated $250.00 of matched funds to the cause. Dr. Ayeni said that people dropped off items to the tag sale booth and continued to do so at his office throughout the summer. Some patients donated a few cans or boxes every time they went in for an appointment, while others that were not patients dropped off items just because they wanted to help.

“Thank you to our existing patients that participated and brought donations all last summer,” said Dr. Ayeni. “Thank you to the many community members that dropped off donations as well. I look forward to collecting more food and products that will help families in our community. I hope you will join me in this effort.”

Colchester Family Medicine plans on matching the value of the drive - up to $250 in cash. Items that the Colchester Food Bank currently needs are: instant mashed potatoes; rice; crackers; jelly; tuna helper; cereal; canned corned beef; canned tuna, chicken, and ham; macaroni and cheese; lunch box snacks; and hygiene products. Hygiene products consist of soaps, tooth brushes, toilet paper, dish detergent, and any products that help individuals with cleanliness. Hygiene products may not be purchased with food stamps. Colchester Family Medicine will also accept any canned good items, and boxed food items that are unopened, does not have large dents, and are still within their expiration date.  Monetary donations may also be accepted in check form only and made out to the Colchester Food Bank. Monetary donations are used to purchase fresh produce and dairy products. Other temperature controlled foods are not accepted by donation. Currently the food bank is not accepting plain pasta.

Colchester Family Medicine will accept food donations during regular office hours: Monday 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Wednesday 8 a.m.-3 p.m., and Thursdays or Fridays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Colchester Family Medicine is located in Sparrow Commons, across from Harry's Place. Donation items may also be brought to the Colchester Family Medicine booth at the 28th Annual Tag Sale on the Green. The food drive begins on June 14th at the tag sale, and runs until the last day of summer.

For more information on Colchester Family Medicine, or to contact Dr. Ayeni about the food drive, please call (860) 537-3204, go to, or visit the office at 123 Broadway in Colchester. For more information about the Colchester Food Bank please contact Janet Taylor at (860) 537-7235. The food bank has been available to Colchester residents for over 30 years. It helps families monthly or on a more frequent basis, as needed. Recipients of the food bank make confidential appointments with Taylor and receive items in boxes, by appointment only.

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