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Organized Play Groups for You and Your Children
Help to Encourage Imagination and Develop Cognitive Skills
Kid’s Spot Offers One Year Anniversary Membership Specials to Returning students

As much as we all love the long days of summer, autumn is approaching quickly and it has a few good things in store for parents with young children.  Kid’s Spot is an organized play group for parents, grandparents or caregivers to play with their children, and help teach important developmental skills.  This autumn marks the first year anniversary of Kid’s Spot, along with new classes and new benefits.

“I started this business a year ago to help children do whatever they put their minds to,” said Carolyn Whewell, owner of Kid’s Spot.  “It is very important to the developmental growth of all children that they receive proper encouragement and stimulation from their caregivers.  My classes show parents how to guide their children in ways that can advance them.”

Carolyn Whewell was a licensed day care provider with over ten years of helping children advance and grow.  She designs and guides every class specifically by age and who attends.  Classes are available for children ages six months through five years and parents of all ages!  A typical class starts with a circle of parents and their children chatting, playing and imagining together.  Depending on the age of the students there are exciting learning toys such as balls, hula hoops and pop-up huts that further develop children social and motor skills.  The classes often incorporate song, dance and clapping to stimulate learning.

“The first few years a child’s life is all about development and growth,” said Carolyn Whewell. “One of the best ways to encourage development is to interact with your child through play, new activities, song and dance.”

Class registration is now open. The first class begins September 11th and is one day a week for seven weeks. Classes are held Monday through Fridays for 45 minutes or one hour, depending on the child’s age.  Fridays are Members Bonus Time! Members Bonus Time is Kid’s Spot one year anniversary special for returning students and those signing up for 2 or more 7 week sessions.  The special is one free class every Friday for the length of each session the student is registered for.  The result is that ‘Member’ students receive up to two classes a week, for the price of one.  The extra class allows for parents and children to practice the skills they learned earlier in the week.  This offer cannot be combined with any other special offers. Class schedule for regular and Members Bonus Time are located online at

“My classes are also a great place to meet parents with children the same age as yours,” said Carolyn Whewell. “I have seen parents that meet in my classes share ideas, issues, and experiences with each other.  It is important to support your children and just as important for parents to receive support!”

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to play with your children while developing their social skills, motor skills, imagination and cognitive growth. For more information on Kid’s Spot and its classes, visit or call 860-537-6931.  Register for class today!  Kid’s Spot is located at 52 Upton Road in Colchester.  Walk-ins are welcome during regular class hours. 

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